Increase Sales and Strategic Partnerships Through Hyperpersonalized Approaches

What We Do

We increase our client’s pipelines for clients and strategic partnerships through proprietary inbound and outbound strategies.

How We Do It


Instagram , Linkedin , and Facebook transformations - These 3 platforms are the most important for connecting with clients, consumers, and potential partners. Having a strong presence on all 3 is imperative.

Premium Thought Leadership Content Production - To be seen as credible in your field, it is imperative you establish yourself as a thought leader. We work with clients to figure out what topics they authentically master and help them formulate written content. For example, check out my Social Selling article in Forbes.

Website development - When a prospect finally checks out your website - it is imperative that your branding, service offering, and expertise are clearly identifiable.


Personalized Messages - our proprietary personalized messaging platform makes it easy to locate and connect with those who authentically have a need for whatever service you provide. Our outbound messages are 10X as likely to receive a positive response than traditional outbound messages.

Social Selling

Workshops - We train companies and employees on how to leverage social selling and social media to grow their companies.

Our Ethos

Caity Begg, Founder - Harvard ‘16

Caity founded Authentic Social as a senior at Harvard and worked on it part-time as a salesperson at Linkedin; in February of 2016, she wrote her honors thesis on virtual impressions and how digital communication affects millennial social interaction.

She found through her research that the more authentic you are online, the higher the ROI in your personal and professional lives.

She has applied this to her unique approach to social media, social selling, branding, and outbound messaging - with many succesful client testimonials across industries.

Jeremy Werden, Head of Operations and Technology

Jeremy's background lies at the intersection of design and technology. Founding his own technology and design consulting firm while a student at UNC-Chapel Hill allowed him to work on a variaty of projects in the blockchain, fin-tech, and e-commerce spaces.

He joined the Authentic Social team to streamline the operational and technological processes used by ourselves and our clients.

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